Kebijakan Mutu


As a first-class manufacturer, we contribute to the social development by providing customers with first-class products through devotion to our main business.


To become No. 1 in terms of quality and the NO. 1 company in the business world by promoting “Symbiosis of tree (WOOD) and human (ONE)” and “Creation of a high quality living space”.



Let’s always dream big, and keep trying to make it happen.


Let’s always confront any difficulties with enthusiasm, sincerity, and creativity.


Let’s always adhere to the 3 Gen Principle: Gemba (Site), Gembutsu (Object), Genjitsu (Reality) in order to see the essence, to think deeply, and then continue to act.

Kepuasan Pelanggan

Let’s always see from the customers’ perspective, and continue to provide products and services that are satisfying and heartwarming.

Menggapai Tujuan

Let’s always aim high, achieve it with tenacity, then share the joy together.


Let’s always think, and create a new history with an open mindset and the effort to act.

Refleksi Diri & Rasa Syukur

Let’s always reflect upon oneself with an honest heart, work with a grateful heart, so we grow every day.